Lazy Saturday

Yesterday we literally spent the entire day on the couch minus a quick 30 minute workout. I can’t stand days where I’m not doing anything and staying in the house. I think it’s because I spent so much of my 20s being an introvert and not wanting to leave the house. Maybe it’s trying to make up for all that lost time? We had plans to go to a car show and top golf with friends but the rain killed both plans.

So finally at 6pm, I was like I have to get out and do something, anything, to feel better. We’ve been really good about saving money lately, we always are, but lately we’ve been saving a lot more than before, preparing for a little one (i’A) and the move!! But I thought maybe we could take a trip to the mall to walk around and look at holiday home decor inspiration for next year. I love the holidays, the lights, smells, reindeer. Can’t wait to have a home we decorate ourselves (everything we have right now was handed down by my parents…so grateful because we’ve saved a ton of money…but it would be so nice to decorate with my own taste!)!!

I’m not big on spending money on expensive things, but the hubby thinks I should get a small designer handbag, a classy one I can use for a long time. We went to Neiman Marcus and I think I found one that I really like! Maybe I’ll end up splurging next year.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and the only thing we ended up buying was a new candle and a pair of cheap but super cute sunnies from Francesca’s ๐Ÿ™‚