Boulevard 1820

So last night we went to a drag bar for a friends birthday. I’ve never been to a drag show before, but although it was a shock, they put on quite the performance! The Madonna performance to Vogue was definitely my favorite. The best part was hanging out with these girls!!

I really didn’t want to go out, I think I’m slowly starting to go back into my introverted ways, just wanting to stay home and cook and watch a movie, but I’m glad the hubby dragged me out.

The food was ok, I had these great ahi tuna lettuce wraps. I was starving after my run earlier that day, so I scarfed down the wraps and proceeded to dig into the flatbread pizza haha. Our waiters name was Jack, his makeup was on point! He also participated in the show. I think it was a little too much for me lol I wasn’t sure what to do, but at least everyone else was enjoying and laughing and having fun!


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