Eyes Skating

So we went ice skating at Pineville skating rink! It’s a yearly tradition for the hubby and I. He’s from Wisconsin, so he grew up ice skating. I, on the other hand, cannot skate for the life of me. I have gotten better throughout the years, and I rarely fall anymore lol, but get wobbly at times. We invited our friend over to join us, and found out his mom was a semi-pro Ice skater! Crazy.

I think when we have kids I’m going to drop them off to the ice rink to get a few hours of quiet time to myself, it’s the perfect place to kill some time and get a workout!

When I was young, I was always in awe of figure skaters, and wished I could be as graceful as them. It was fun pretending for a night that I was a little ice skater 🙂



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