Hilton Head Day 2

Our mini trip to Hilton Head has come to an end!! We had enough oysters to last us for the weekend, but though we should have been good after all that gluttony, the hubby decided to have a BIG hearty breakfast. We went to this little place that had their toast featured on the Food Network. I tried so hard not to take a bite, but I really couldn’t resist 😦 I probably gained 5 lbs from that toast alone!!

We went into the Sea Pines area which is like $5 to get into, it felt like a Nicholas Sparks movie with the beautiful trees and roads, people biking everywhere. We walked around the quiet marina, there weren’t many people around but I could see how during busy season it could be almost claustrophobic! The boats were so beautiful there. One day I want to rent a boat on the coast and have a sunset dinner. 🙂

We ended the day by going to this plantation ruins, where we learned that houses there were made with oyster shells padded in the foundation. It protected the house from natural disasters, and is one of the only places in the world that uses that type of foundation!

Now I’m waiting for our next road trip 🙂






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