Purp + My Accident


Hi Dolls!

So I have nothing to do today except sit in bed and rest, which means I am able to work on the blog!

I came to visit my parents this past Saturday, with plans to leave the next day. After continuously checking the forecast, I decided to leave around 6pm on Sunday, before the snow storm hit. As I was leaving my parent’s house, the snow had already accumulated about an inch, and I was really worried about driving in it! I wasn’t so worried about the highways, but rather the inner roads that I have to go through to get to the main streets. I decided not to risk it due to the plummeting temperatures!!

The next day (yeseterday) I knew the roads weren’t any better, but was worried about making it back to work. Although I can work from home, my manager strongly prefers that we come to the office, so I knew I had to hurry up and get back!! About 20 minutes into the drive back, I saw 3 different wrecks along the way…making me second guess my decision to go back. As soon I thought about turning around, I heard a huge BOOM on the drivers side of my car, and was pushed into cars in the right lane, until I landed on the shoulder. Thankfully, the other cars were able to stop and get out of the way – I truly felt like God protected me at that moment, and prevented any other car from hitting me. Because most of us were only going 45 mph, it wasn’t as bad as it truly could have been. But now, I’m dealing with a car that’s undrivable, calling the insurance companies, doctors appointments, and making sure I can get back to work ASAP so my manager isn’t upset.

Anyways, on Valentine’s Day, I spent the day with my parents, and made some cute home videos that I can’t wait to edit!

I also tried out some more of those beautiful Avon lipsticks I was given by Preen.Me! It was so cute – I asked my mom to record the video as I was applying my makeup, and she got so into it!! She posed me and took these photos below LOL. Maybe I should ask her to take all my blog pics?? I definitely underestimated her abilities. πŸ˜‰


Lipsticks usually don’t look good on me – I don’t have the most plump lips, and most of the time just some lip balm is what I use before stepping out the door. The coverage is buildable – so you can use less for it to look more like a tinted lip balm, or apply it heavily to get a gorgeous color payoff.Β DSC03638

These lipsticks are so creamy, yet matte, so they not only stick well to your lips, but they provide moisture that can create an illusion of bigger lips. I love the velvety finish!! Its so much easier to wear these than to put on a matte liquid lipstick, so these are definitely coming with me on trips!!

AND the best part is that they’re only $5.99 from Avon!DSC03629

Let me know what you think!

xoxo, Niza


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