Sleeping Beauty

Hi Dolls!

I have been reminiscing about my trip to Prague recently. I had such a wonderful time, made so many amazing memories, and ate so much!! Although Belfast, Dublin, Prague, and Paris were amazing cities to visit, I think I had the best time during our road trip to the Bavarian Alps.

I was sitting on the couch working on a Thursday, and told the hubby the boredom was killing me – I really wanted to go on another trip! This was days before our 2 year anniversary ❤ and the next thing I know, I was told that we would be taking a road trip! My favorite hobby!! Can that be considered a hobby??

We didn’t have any plans before booking our car (Mercedes C class sedan- thank goodness for the upgrade to the Audi A3…it was heavenly!!) but we knew we had to make a trip to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, and the hubby wanted to take me to this random castle in the middle of nowhere, which apparently inspired the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty! I’m not going to lie – I’d never watched that movie before LOL.

So for the first part of our 5 day road trip, we jetted through the black forest – which was super scary and reminded me of the forest in Game of Thrones. I was so thrilled to finally be able to experience the AUTOBAHN while listening to Taylor…maybe the most memorable part of the trip!! A few missed turns, and a couple of McDonalds pit stops later we arrived at Neuschwanstein Castle. There are 3 castles right by each other, but the one we visited was the main one. It was so beautiful!!

This was right outside a McDonalds I believe in Austria, how crazy beautiful??


I just realized that I’ve worn this stupid plaid shirt on almost every trip I’ve taken – its gone with me to Morocco, Austria, Spain, Italy, our trip to the Smokey Mountains, and now here. UGH! I don’t know why I keep packing it – its a cheap shirt from Target LOL!


We got lost a few times (I was the navigator of course), but were able to drive past the beautiful Austrian and German country sides. There were so many cows and old huts. I couldn’t believe that people still lived such a simple life. It puts everything in perspective – and made me so much more grateful for the life I have.

On one of the wrong turns, I noticed these hot air balloons floating up in the sky. We quickly got out of the car before anyone came behind us, and I put my camera on top of the Audi and took this photo with the self timer! I thought it was so cute!!


About the journey to the castle from the lot – we accidentally took the wrong bus from the parking lot, going to the smaller castle, and proceeded to spend the next hour on the bus. That wouldn’t have been fun with anyone else, but the hubby knows how to make the most of any situation!! He is the best traveling partner in the world!!

Once we got to the castle grounds, there was still a 30 minute high incline hike to the top to actually SEE it. We started to wait in line to get a horse carriage to the top. Except the line was SO long, and being as impatient as I am, we decided to hike it. I’m so glad we did!

Here’s an old wood carved map of the castle, and how to get to it. ❤DSC02404

Exhausted from the hike, but super excited to spend our anniversary here!


Doesn’t this look like something out of a movie?? Oh wait..LOL

I read on wiki that this castle is one of the most popular castles in all of Europe with over 1.4 million visitors each year! We ran into a lot of folks from other countries, and it almost seemed a little too packed for being out in the middle of nowhere!


This was the entrance to the castle. The scenery was just incredible. I couldn’t imagine someone actually living here and getting to enjoy the beautiful mountaintops every single day! It was a warm winter in Europe so we didn’t experience much snow – but the tips of the mountains were still covered in that beautiful white powder.DSC02349

Blowing kisses from the Princess Castle ❤


This view was from the hike up to the castle. We were only a quarter of the way there, and I was trying to take in as much of this God-created beauty as possible! That lake was reflecting the alps so wonderfully.


During the drive, we read that the best views of the castle are taken from a bridge across from it, called Mary’s Bridge. As our luck would have it, the bridge was closed for construction! Being the rebels that we are, we decided to hike that way anyways. You can’t tell from the photo below, but we side-stepped two barbed wire fences to see if we could catch a good view from there. DSC02389

And we were so glad we did! Here is Neuschwanstein Castle from a cliff with a VERY steep drop off. The cliff literally just ended about a foot away from where I was standing. The whole scene was so fairy-tale like, and made me realize I could definitely be a princess, part time. DSC02390

The road trip to the castle and seeing the beautiful scenery in the background formed a sort of bond with Germany for me. I definitely will be going back someday – can you imagine skiing here??

I’ll have some great dreams thinking about this trip, and will definitely be sleeping with a smile on my face!!

xoxo, Niza


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