Hi Dolls!


Today is a little bit of a Tantrum Tuesday, although I don’t usually like subjecting myself to negative thoughts. Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some talented men and women, and through their trust and guidance, I have been able to grow as a contributor and as an individual as well. I’m really lucky that in my current situation, I’m exposed to a completely different world, which has given me a taste of what I want in a career, and what I could probably live without.

Given the corporation-dominated world (that I absolutely secretly love), I try to support local entrepreneurs like I hope to be someday, in order to put some money back into my local community, and help people like myself that are trying to make a living. Its an idea that’s been instilled in me through my parents – entrepreneurs themselves, that made $1 into a $2M business (albiet, one that tanked with the 2008 crash). And maybe the reason is selfish. I hope to be in their position when that next great idea finally hits me, and would want my local community and neighbors to believe in me as well. I try to go a step further and specifically help other women who maybe don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in a desk-job (there’s nothing wrong with a 9-5), and want to enjoy everything life has to offer. We already have to deal with proving ourselves over and over again, after working our butts off getting to the top of our class, beating out the competition for an entry level position, and facing more criticism than our male peers simply because we’re forced to balance giving our strong opinion with being gentle enough as to not be labeled that “B word”. What tops it off is when I see women judge other women just as harshly, if not more so, than men, and opt to delve back into these dated beliefs that men are more capable of convincing and climbing rank.

Why are women just as capable, if not more so, than men at holding the same position?

  1. We’re taught to balance life.
    • Yes, thanks mom, for being harder on me than the boys. I am acutely aware of the consequences of my words and actions, and how it may affect those around me, and I know if I complain I’m only going to be seen as someone who can’t handle her emotions. I’ve been held to a higher standard my entire life, with the best intentions, because our mothers have pushed us to be stronger so we can succeed in the workplace. Get straight A’s, manage a traveling debate team while babysitting the rebels, cooking for myself every night to save money, MAKING the money, AND managing relationships with family and friends? Yeah, that’s every woman’s story in college, and it only gets harder. We’ve already solidified our skills at balancing life at an early age, so don’t worry about how we’re going to balance a family and this work project.
  2. We know how to work as a team.
    • Even if we think our opinion is right, we’re more so open to feedback and discussion, have the ability to weigh the pros and cons, and don’t find it a conflict of pride if we decide our opinion really wasn’t the best one. Pair that with our ability to instill loyalty in our peers – a byproduct of having to convince others to believe in us – and you’ll notice our teams are more willing to give us their feedback, knowing it will make a difference. How many times at work has a new project gone down in flames because an executive wasn’t willing to just admit that maybe the idea sounded great in a utopian world, but the inevitable variables would never have made it work? Exactly.
  3. We get ish done.
    • If there’s a shortcut to be done, we’re going to do it. Why? Because we know that there’s a lot more to life than just a job (which most of us need). So if there’s an opportunity to make a process more efficient, we’re going to sit down and take the time to figure it out. We know how to use our resources to our advantage, and since women have had to prove ourselves our entire lives to the other half, we’ll use it as an opportunity to show off our skills and what we have to offer. We understand that the age-old mentality of staying late to show your bosses how much work you’re putting in doesn’t really cut it anymore – saving a manager from a few hours worth of work is what’s going to set you apart. So yes, we’re going to finish that project you gave us, ahead of schedule, so we can move on to bigger and better things. (I’m going to catch up on the Bachelor now.)

The best way we can lead is by example, so take the time to tell your girlfriends that they’re doing a great job, and inspire them to keep going. Lack of recognition is a big factor in why people leave their jobs. So let’s be that person that recognizes our friends when they may be overlooked, and give them back some of that confidence that others are so quick to try to take away from us!

Well, that’s the end of the rant, but I hope it has made you see that you’re an amazing person that has so much to offer to the world. We are half the world, afterall.

xoxo, Niza


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